“Ingrid, get your nose out of that book.”

I remember hearing those words often when I was a girl. I couldn’t help it. I loved to read and I dreamed I would one day write stories like the ones that captivated me. What I actually grew up to write was the news. My first job was at our local newspaper (not counting the babysitting and restaurant jobs) after my freshman year of college was at our local newspaper. I never went back to college. Instead, under the patient tutelage of the publisher, L. Joyce Smith, I learned to write news.

After cutting my teeth on court reports, obituaries and school board meetings, I wrote feature stories and eventually became an editor. When I “retired” to home school our children, I did a bit of freelance writing, but most of my energies went toward teaching my own children to write.

Now that our four sons are young adults, I find I can return to my first love — writing.

From our farm in northern Indiana, I’ll be sharing “reflections” or thoughts about a variety of things. Mostly, I hope to encourage others to pause and appreciate the moments, people and people who make our lives so rich.

Thank you for joining me here!

Ingrid Lochamire



  1. Good morning Ingrid! Thanks for contacting me through the Ruby for Women blog. I would love to include you on the Ruby Blogger Team ;o) I’m scheduling all of the October posts today so please let me know if you have a particular post you would like me to include. I’ll add you to the Ruby Blogger mailing list so you will get the schedule as soon as it’s ready.

    By the way . . . . we live in NE Indiana, too, north of Columbia City. Where are you? Perhaps we are almost neighbors! I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon, Nina @ Ruby for Women

    • How exciting to learn you are also a Hoosier! We’re east of LaGrange about 10 miles. I used to live north of Columbia City, in Merriam. The most recent posts I’d like you to consider are either “What Declaration Do You Make with Your Life?” or “What Stinks in Your Back Yard?” Thank you for welcoming me to your web site!

      • Hello, Ingrid! I am excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Karen and I will be assisting the Ruby for Women staff in the day to day activities that help us reach more and more Christian women. I will be adding you to our Ruby Blogger Team today and I’ll make sure you are on the November blogger schedule, which will be sent through email next week. If you have any questions or need anything during our journey together, you can reach me through email: karen@rubyforwomen.com.
        Thanks so much for your interest and Welcome to our team!

  2. Hi Ingrid, just a couple more questions…
    Would you be interested in being featured in our online magazine? Our holiday edition is in the works and we would love to include you.
    Also, could you please provide us with your email address so we can send the monthly blogger team schedule to you?

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