Family History

Who we are is determined in many ways by those who came before us. Family stories inform our lives and it’s important to preserve and share them.

Book cover for blog

Dad’s stories have been gathered into this little book. It is available at

A couple of years ago, I sat down with my Dad and began recording some of the stories he had told us around the kitchen table growing up. I added them to my own memories of my Dad, and together we self-published a little book about his years growing up in a small town during The Great Depression, about his service to our country in the United States Air Force and about the many jobs he held in and around my hometown in his 85 years.

On Father’s Day 2012, I presented Dad with a box full of copies of his book. His stories create a history of an Indiana town and a man who isn’t afraid of a good day’s work. I am so grateful that my Dad is still around to enjoy the attention he’s getting because of this little book. It is available through I hope it will inspire you to record your family history in some form, even if it’s just telling stories around the kitchen table.


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