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To Gather Together

Posting today at Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker.

Have you “got it together?”

I know that on some days I don’t — and it looks like this will be one of them. It’s 1:30 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Too much stuff rolling around in my head despite the melatonin. In my sleeplessness, I work to gather the thoughts, organize the tasks mentally, set things aright.

Later in this day, I plan to board a train for Chicago. It’s been far too long since we’ve been “together” — that Windy City son of mine and his beautiful wife. So, with work piled on my desk and a list of chores set aside on the kitchen counter, I’m running off to be just a mom for the weekend.

It’s important to do this. With the four boys scattered, it’s important for the Mom to fulfill her role as the “hub” of our family wheel. Together in my son’s brownstone apartment, I’ll bring this segment of our family up-to-date on the happenings of his brothers and we’ll all feel connected again.

We can’t all be together, but maybe this Mom who doesn’t always manage to “get it together” can connect the parts and we can be family.


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Welcome! I'm so glad our paths have crossed. I am a traveler, just like you. Blessed with four sons in various stages of adulthood, my life is full with following their adventures and working alongside my husband on our small family farm in a beautiful Indiana valley. A writer at heart, this blog is in step with my determination to pause and relish the moments, people and events that challenge, motivate and inspire. Join me on the journey.


  1. Ingrid, I just know you will be a blessing and I am sure they are looking forward to your visit. What a joy to see the fruit of your years of investing in those boys and to get to participate in their grown-up lives. This is harvest season for you in so many ways. Blessings. I’m glad to be on FMF with you.

  2. 1:30 sleeplessness and a never ending list of things to ponder. i know that feeling well. i also know that my mom goes through this too…wanting to visit with her Windy City Son and just forget the rest – to be together. a great look at motherhood in the away times.

  3. says

    Love this..I am in SC getting it together with Michael and Laura..They flew me down for the weekend..and I am having a ball..My plane leaves tomorrow morning at 6 from Charlotte NC, cheaper but 1 1/2 hr. away..Will have to be up by 3 short night but would do it all over again…Lovin every minute of it….

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